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What is its use? Put Adult Pet Nutrition on top of your dog’s dry or wet food as follows: For dogs weighing up to 75 pounds, use one scoop; for dogs weighing more than 75 pounds, use two scoops.


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Buy Stage 2 Adult Dog Vitamin online at an affordable cost. Dogs don’t need as many calories as they did when they were tiny puppies, but they still need a well-balanced diet to stay healthy and avoid dangerous illnesses as they age.

Adult dogs’ common health issues and how LifeStages Pet Nutrition might help

Stage 2 Adult Dog Vitamin for Intestinal Health:

Stage 2 Adult Dog Vitamin makes use of calming natural substances to treat your pet’s digestive issues, such as diarrhea, constipation, upset stomach, and food sensitivities. Spirulina, for instance, strengthens the GI tract and helps with cleansing. Probiotics including Lactobacillus Acidophilus help to balance the flora in the gut and guard against flatulence and indigestion. Anti-inflammatory substances, such as fish oil and turmeric, lessen pain and inflammation in the stomach lining. The body can better absorb nutrients and digest macronutrients with the aid of the digestive enzymes papain and barley green.

Skin and hair coat:

Stage 2 Adult Dog Vitamin has enriching dietary fatty acids that will help your pet appear his best by lowering shedding and enhancing the sheen of a coat. Additional nutritious components that assist in maintaining a lustrous coat and prevent itchy, flaky skin include grapeseed extract and biotin.

Weight control:

The quantity and quality of your pet’s diet, together with activity, have a big impact on their health. By simply adding additional fiber and protein to their food, you can help your dog maintain a healthy weight by boosting their satiety (fullness) at mealtimes without adding calories. Many organic forms of fiber are included in our recipe, including fax seed, alfalfa, barley, mushrooms, and spirulina. Our human-grade turkey powder’s filling protein will keep them feeling satisfied longer along with the fiber.
Every single ingredient in LifeStages’ Pet Nutrition has a specific function: to promote the health of your four-legged loved one at every stage of life. To give our products more bulk, we don’t include fillers like grains, sugar, or animal by-products. Our recipe is strong and packed with effective health advantages that last. Our pet nutrition is easy to use and guarantees that your pet is receiving all the nutrition they require.


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