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In addition to being exceedingly adorable, the puppy stage is essential for their growth. Every part of them is expanding from their muscles and paws to their intellect and social abilities.
Throughout the early stages of life, your growing puppy requires intensive, intentional nutrition, and their dietary requirements differ significantly from those of adult dogs. Young pups need extra calories that are simple to digest and absorb. Moreover, they require higher doses of calcium for strong bones and teeth, protein for muscle growth, and fat overall (including the critical Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids).

Adolescent (young adult) dogs can procreate but are still growing and developing their physical prowess. These young dogs, who are frequently active, still require a high-calorie diet and an appropriate ratio of protein, fat, and vitamins that encourage growth.

How to use it? Put one scoop of Puppy Pet Nutrition on top of your dog’s dry or wet food.
Every single ingredient in LifeStages’ Pet Nutrition has a specific function: to promote the health of your four-legged loved one at every stage of life. To give our products more bulk, we don’t include fillers like grains, sugar, or animal by-products. Our recipe is strong and packed with effective health advantages that last. Our pet nutrition is easy to use and guarantees that your pet is receiving all the nutrition they require.


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