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  • Triple Strength! is a beverage that supports canine joints, cartilage, and tissues naturally and without steroids! This potent, natural supplement might be an excellent substitute for NSAIDs or other prescription drugs for joint pain and inflammation—support for hip and common issues that act quickly. RJX is a special combination of glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM that is premium and pure in potency.
  • It feels good, and wonderful for canine hip and joint issues. safe and successful in practice. Compared to joint chews or tablets, there are more doses per container.
  • Wonderful Flavor that Dogs Enjoy: Liquid joint supplements for dogs with a simple dosage: 189 dosages or more per container.
  • Veterinarian Recommendation: Quality Tested in the USA Created for Dogs with Minor to Serious Joint Issues.
  • GMP-approved facility.


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